Delayed Onset Hernia Mesh Pain

Hernia Mesh Pain is an Mixed Inflammatory Disease an Central Nervous System Phenomenon

Hernia mesh triggers inflammation, both acute and chronic. It is a foreign body and is recognized by our immune system as such. The symptom hallmark of inflammation is pain. Pain processing and perception varies widely among individuals, situations and not everybody experiences pain with hernia mesh incited inflammation.

Hernia mesh triggers acute inflammation and pain immediately after surgery. This is considered to be normal postoperative pain and is expected to resolve when the acute inflammatory response phase is over. The chronic inflammation may persist well beyond the acute inflammatory phase. Chronic inflammation primarily is how the body rebuilds and remodels damaged tissue. When it persists beyond normal because of persistent inflammatory stimulation it can lead to chronic pain. But, there is an other cause of chronic pain, Central Pain Sensitization.

Considering the acute inflammatory and chronic inflammatory responses to hernia mesh, variable processing and perception of pain and the phenomenon of Central Pain Sensitization it should be no surprise that hernia mesh pain may occur immediately or some time after implant surgery. Dr. Petersen has seen chronic hernia mesh pain manifest weeks, months, even decades after hernia mesh implantation.


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