Serious Hernia Mesh Myths

The Truth about Hernia Mesh

Kevin C. Petersen, M.D.

The hernia mesh myth that causes the most harm is the most common myth. Hernia mesh pain is the worst common complication of hernia surgery.

Fresh hernia mesh in surgery
  • Mesh pain is rare. Not true. Hernia mesh pain occurs in 20% of patients . It is severe enough to interfere with activities in 6% of patients.
  • Groin pain after hernia surgery is caused by nerve damage. No, nerve damage is not necessary to generate pain. Chronic inflammation by itself is enough to stimulate pain nerves.
  • New mesh is much better than old mesh. Wrong. Light weight mesh causes a little less chronic pain. It has nothing to do with new and old. We have had light weight mesh for twenty five years.
  • Biological mesh is better. It is not. The recurrence rate is a lot higher than artificial mesh. Biological mesh induces chronic inflammation and causes chronic pain.
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