Kevin C. Petersen, M.D.

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About Dr. Petersen

Portrait of Dr. PetersenDoctor Kevin C. Petersen has 36 years experience as a board certified general surgeon and hernia surgery specialist. He also has 28 years experience as a hernia mesh explant surgeon for patients with crippling hernia mesh pain.

He has broad experience in surgery including the above, transplant surgery, vascular surgery, Chicago based trauma surgery and surgical critical care. He is a member of SAG having had a small part in the movie Backdraft playing a critical care surgeon. He was the director of the surgical ICU at the time.

His education and training include a degree in physics graduating Suma Cum Lauda from the University in 1977, graduating and earning his medical degree with ΑΩΑ honors in 1981, completing his internship and PGY1 years in general surgery residence at UCLA Hospitals and Clinics 1981 - 1983, completing a fellowship in kidney transplantation at Los Angeles County/USC hospital in 1984 and completing his PGY4 and Chief Residency years in general surgery in 1986.

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