Mettalic Vascular Stent Pain

Treatment of Varicoceles Complications

Thrombotic Venous Metallic Stents

Dr. Petersen has seen and successfully treated cases of severe chronic pain caused by thrombotic venous metallic vascular stents used to treat varicoceles. There is nothing about this in the medical literature. 

The symptoms caused by metal venous thrombotic stents are identical to what hernia mesh causes. Patients with problems from these devices have chronic pain in the groin and the abdomen on the side of the device. They also have chronic fatigue, achy joints and all the other symptoms of the A.S.I.A. Syndrome.

The cause of these symptoms from thrombotic metallic venous stents is likely the same as hernia mesh, the foreign body reaction and or nickel allergy causing chronic inflammation. This is suspect this from his gross findings but has not seen any microscopic pathology proving it. No microscopic pathology on the scar tissue surrounding the stents has been done. Nickel is a common allergen seen in individuals with reactions to jewelry. The metal in vascular stents is commonly a nickel alloy. 

Removing metallic venous stents is a big deal. It is not possible to preserve the vein nor is it desirable. All of the stent containing vein must be removed. The testicular vein on the left side can be done as outpatient surgery. The right side may require mobilization of the duodenum which causes an ileus and therefor requires hospitalization. Dr. Petersen has experience with this  procedure in 3 patients and all three were cured of their pain and A.S.I.A. syndrome.

He does these procedures thru a formal open laparotomy. Being able to manually feel the stents during removal is helpful. It might be possible to do the procedure laparoscopically under fluoroscopy. It would be challenging and hazardous.

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