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Hernia Mesh Pain

Mesh Free Hernia Surgery

Kevin C. Petersen, M.D.

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Hernia mesh pain is a devastating complication of the repair of abdominal hernias. Once a patient develops hernia mesh pain they often have the pain for the rest of their lives. It is not necessary and is unconscionable that hernia patients are exposed to this risk. Abdominal hernias can be successfully treated with out resorting to mesh for repair and at very low risk of causing significant chronic pain. Considering hernia mesh a lifetime device and that hernia mesh causes chronic pain in 20% of patients and life altering severe chronic pain in 5%, is an argument for mesh free hernia repair.

If you have a hernia and are facing surgery for repair, you have a choice. Consider this website your guide to  informed consent and due diligence. If you have a mesh hernia repair chances are 80% everything will be perfect and you will not develop chronic pain or develop a recurrence. The recurrence rate for mesh hernia surgery is not zero, it is about 6% in the community. Severe chronic hernia mesh pain is devastating to quality of life. Its up to you to decide which risks you are willing to take. You will always make the best decision for your self if you  have good information.

If you have already had mesh hernia surgery and now have life changing chronic hernia mesh pain there is hope. The most effective treatment is rarely recommended but is safe and available .

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